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    Will the Cure Bankrupt Us? Official Development Assistance and the COVID-19 Response in Southern African Countries

    Confirmed coronavirus cases in Africa in early November 2020 exceeded 1.8 million, with 45% occurring in Southern Africa (SAF). Most SAF countries lack the capacity to adequately protect lives and livelihoods. High indebtedness means underfunded essential services, and most countries had just emerged from a severe food crisis and the effects of Cyclone Idai. Donors must go beyond temporary debt service suspension and provide new aid grants. SAF governments must not use the pandemic to restrict civil society advocacy on behalf of the most vulnerable people.

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    A Shot at Recovery

    Measuring corporate commitments towards a free, fair, and accessible COVID-19 vaccine

  3. Briefing paper

    Confronting Carbon Inequality

    Despite sharp falls in carbon emissions in 2020 linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, the climate crisis – which is driven by the accumulation of emissions in the atmosphere over time – continued to grow. This briefing describes new research that shows how extreme carbon inequality in recent decades has brought the world to the climate brink. It sets out how governments must use this historic juncture to build fairer economies within the limits our planet can bear

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    Power, Profits and the Pandemic: From corporate extraction for the few to an economy that works for all

    The worsening inequality crisis triggered by COVID-19 is fuelled by an economic model that has allowed some of the world’s largest corporations to funnel billions of dollars in profits to shareholders, giving yet another windfall to the world’s top billionaires, a small group of mostly white men. At the same time, it has left low-wage workers and women to pay the price of the pandemic without social or financial protection. Since the onset of the pandemic, large corporations have put profits before workers’ safety, pushed costs down the supply chain and used their political influence to shape policy responses. COVID-19 should be the catalyst for radically reining in corporate power, restructuring business models with purpose and rewarding all those that work with profits, creating an economy for all.

  5. Briefing paper

    For a Decade of Hope Not Austerity in the Middle East and North Africa

    Towards a fair and inclusive recovery to fight inequality

  6. Briefing paper


    Cheap chicken has always had a high human cost. In the face of COVID-19, the poultry industry now seems willing to pay with workers’ lives.

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