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Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel

In the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) - the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip - nearly a quarter of the people live below the poverty line. Their prospects for being safe, healthy, and able to work and learn is severely limited by the Israeli occupation. Fifty percent of the population rely on humanitarian aid, and almost two million people are trapped inside Gaza with little access to the most basic services.

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Make a donation to help people affected by conflict and struggling to survive in the Middle East and the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel.

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How we're responding

Oxfam has been working in the region since the 1950s and established a country office in the 1980s. We work in the most vulnerable communities in Gaza, East Jerusalem, and Area C --  the 61 percent of the West Bank where the Government of Israel maintains full military and civil control under the 1993 Oslo Accords.

In total we work with more than 60 Palestinian and Israeli partner organizations, finding ways to improve these communities’ rights and opportunities to work and support themselves.

  • Oxfam works with a range of partners to help communities to earn a living and to ensure that they have access to food and water as well as education.
  • We respond in humanitarian crises.
  • We help build a strong civil society that can respect and defend human rights, and help communities have a say in decisions that affect them.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Oxfam is working with local partners to provide beds and hygiene kits to quarantine centers in Gaza, as well as protective equipment, hand-washing facilities, and sanitization equipment for 750 medical staff. We are also working with the World Health Organization and UNICEF to support a public health campaign across the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

West Bank including East Jerusalem

In the West Bank we advocate for the rights of communities to stay on their land, and we promote the rights of women and marginalized groups to participate in decisions that affect their lives. We also help olive farmers improve the quality of their produce and get it to markets, and support herders to care for their animals.

In East Jerusalem we help women start small businesses, help local partners to improve school buildings, and ensure legal support to help residents stay in their city.


The Israeli blockade has been in place for over a decade and follows years of policies that served to isolate the Gaza Strip and the people living there.  The blockade has devastated Gaza’s economy, caused widespread destruction and left most people largely cut off from the outside world.

Eighty percent of the population relies on humanitarian aid to survive. People struggle to access clean water, food, medical care, education, and to repair and rebuild homes damaged in multiple cycles of violence.

Many key industries have been decimated and more than 60 percent of youth are unemployed - the highest rate in the world.

Working with partners, our humanitarian and development program helps around 217,582 people in Gaza affected by the crisis and impoverished by the Israeli blockade.

We work with farmers and fisherfolk who are prevented from making a living. We supply safe water and sanitation, help local farmers improve the quality of their produce and get it to market, work with local civil society to advocate for their rights, and have provided emergency aid during military escalations and floods.

We campaign for lasting peace, security for all civilians, and an end to the blockade.

You can help: Make a donation to help people affected by conflict and struggling to survive in occupied areas.

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